[Eng Sub] Sunshine Girl Ep10

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[Video] Press Conference of “I Love You” by Arirang 110425


I Love You- Hyung Jun cut ep 2-4

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Music High Pic 120423 – 110428


Kim HyungJun, 1 Photo of Meal Rampage..’Think I gained 10kg’

News: OSEN
Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

04/19 [news] Kim HyungJun, 1 Photo of Meal Rampage..’Think I gained 10kg’

Kim HyungJun, member of group SS501, released a photo of firing a meal rampage.

Kim HyungJun uploaded two photos with a message ‘ah full. I think I gained 10kg’ through his own twitter on 19th April morning.

In the photo shows Kim HyungJun eating deliciously the food that was placed in front of him. In the next photo shows the plates which were filled with food were wiped clean, provoking a laugh.

Netizens who saw the photo commented “Really ate them deliciously”, “It’s okay to gain a little weight”, “Are you trying to gain weight?”

Meanwhile, Kim HyungJun is currently acting as Jung MinChae in cable channel SBS Plus Monday-Tuesday drama ‘I Love You’.

Drama set filming photos from JUNUS

Source: hyunngjun.co.kr

Photos from Drama I Love You’s Facebook Page

Source: http://www.facebook.com/DRAMAiloveyou

Photo update from SBS Drama ‘I Love You’ webpage 110419

Source: SBS

[Eng Sub] Hyung Jun’s cut in drama “I Love You”

Actually the title of the show was translated as “Late Blossoms” by some… but anyway, here’s the english sub uploaded to sunshinejunnie@YT

Translated based on Chinese sub of : WithJun (kimhyungjoon.com)
English Translation : Angel @ flywithSS501.com
Timing+ Encoding : HJ_fan @ kimhyungjunThailand.com

SBS E! News – K-Star News Section – Drama I Love You 120416


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