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(Pics] Hyung Jun Off to Japan Again 07.29.11 by Prettyboy

Credit by Liezly_eleven

Hyung Jun has been so busy going in and out of Korea for the past several days. I think he only goes back to Korea to unload and load his luggage and record for his daily shows such as Music High and Mnet News Wide then zip off again to fulfil his commitments to fans. So hardworking, yah? I wonder how many hours of sleep a day this lad is getting.

This morning, Hyung Jun went to Japan again for another set of events to promote his single ‘Long Night’ which I read on Twitter is #1 in Tower Records. Congratulations!


[Article] Hyung Jun Cute Selca from Last Night

[News] SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun leaves a silly selca for fans
Source + Photo: OSEN via Nate
Courtesy of elliefilet / AllKPop

Singer Kim Hyung Jun seems to have been in a playful mood recently, as he shared a silly selca through his Twitter.

He tweeted, “I’m going to sleep now. Ooh Ohh. Sleep well,” and attached a snapshot of himself with a strange expression.

Fans and followers replied, “Completely cute,” “You look so bright and cheery even before you sleep,” and “Sleep well!”

Kim Hyung Jun released his first solo album, ‘Sleepless Night,’ in Japan on July 27th.

[Photo] Hyung Jun getting a quick bite before Mnet Wide Broadcast 110728

when he eat lookmore cutes!

Source: MnetWide’s Twitter


Music High Updated Pic 110727

redit: Music High Gallery

Is he socute right 🙂

Only Jun Latest Hyung Jun’s tweet on 110723-26


26th July

2011-07-26 @ 5:41 PM
@HyungJun87 수고했다
@HyungJun87 Thanks for your efforts

2011-07-26 @ 5:39 PM
일본 공개방송 무사히 즐겁게 끝냈어요. ^^
Finished successfully and enjoyably Japan open broadcast.^^
2011-07-26 @ 9:59 AM
@HyungJun87 고우고우!
@HyungJun87 Go go!

25th July

2011-07-25 @ 7:00 PM
@mystyle1103 고마워^^
@mystyle1103 Thanks^^

2011-07-25 @ 4:13 PM
@HyungJun87 오~ 일본진출!! 대박내라~ㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 Oh~ Advancing into Japan(ese market)!! Have great success~keke

2011-07-25 @ 3:06 PM
@HyungJun87 웰컴백!
@HyungJun87 Welcome back!

2011-07-25 @ 1:46 PM
@HyungJun87 꺄악!꽃보다 형준일세!역C 장하다!내 동생!준브라더!ㅇㅇ
@HyungJun87 Kkyaak! HyungJun over flowers! You’re great indeed! My brother! Jun brother! o o

2011-07-25 @ 1:19 PM
@HyungJun87 오카에리~!~!
@HyungJun87 Welcome back~!~!

2011-07-25 @ 1:14 PM

2011-07-25 @ 1:05 PM
일본에서 곧 발매될 나의 앨범 홍보중이네! 흰옷이 아주 멋지구만?^^. 27일에 발매~
I am promoting my album which is going to be released in Japan soon! Isn’t white clothes very stylish?^^. Release date on 27th~

2011-07-25 @ 12:31 PM
한국에 무사히 도착했습니다. ^^ 이제 라디오랑 와이드 하러가야지..
Arrived in Korea safely. ^^ Now have to go for radio and wide*..
*Wide is referring to the mnet show he’s hosting

24th July
2011-07-24 @ 10:14 PM
@HyungJun87 ㅋㅋ당신은대만에서신난거같은데~~ㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 keke You seems to be excited in Taiwan~~keke

2011-07-24 @ 9:57 PM
맛있는 밥먹으러~ 빛좀 받았어요
Going to eat delicious food~ Receive some light

2011-07-24 @ 9:21 PM
@jewelry_jjung 누가 이렇게 즐겁나 했더니 당신이였구만
@jewelry_jjung Was thinking who was playing so enjoyably, so it was you
*in reply to =jewelry_jjung= (2011-07-24 @ 9:19 PM)
내친구 혜영이랑^^ 우리 물놀이해써여어어어ㅋㅋ
With my friend, HyeYoung^^ We played with waterrrrr keke

2011-07-24 @ 8:55 PM
^^불나게 달리고 왔어요
^^ Came running like on fire

2011-07-24 @ 8:54 PM
대만 공연 하기전. 인우 은선 재구 한솔 유리. 그리고 나. 완전 대박이네.
Before the performance in Taiwan. InWoo EunSun JaeGu HanSol Yuri. And me. Totally Daebak.

23rd July
2011-07-23 @ 5:57 PM
@HyungJun87 아시아 전역을 쓸고 다니네?!ㅋㅋㅋ덥다 건강조심.
@HyungJun87 Sweeping across Asia region?! kekeke It’s hot, take care of your health.

2011-07-23 @ 5:12 PM
@HyungJun87 해외공연 잘 하구 고향 옴 연락혀!맛난거 먹게!준브라더!ㅇㅇ
@HyungJun87 Do well for your overseas performance and contact me when you’re back home! To eat delicious food! Jun Brother! o o

2011-07-23 @ 4:48 PM
@kimkasu 준브라더스 만세! 보고싶어요
@kimkasu JUn Brothers Hurray! I miss you

2011-07-23 @ 4:40 PM
@HyungJun87 준브라더!완전 멋짐!월드스타!형준이!ㅇㅇ
@HyungJun87 Jun Brother! Totally handsome! World star! HyungJuni! o o

2011-07-23 @ 4:01 PM
아시아 팬미팅 투어의 마지막인 대만에 도착했어요. 차안입니다 ^^ 호텔로 가자가자!
Last of Asia Fan Meeting Tour, arrived in Taiwan. This is inside the car ^^ Let’s go to the hotel, let’s go!

2011-07-23 @ 10:38 AM
@HyungJun87 어제 올렸던게 좀 더 쎘던거 같아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 I think this is even more powerful than those you loaded yesterday kekekeke

2011-07-23 @ 10:31 AM
@HyungJun87 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아ㅠ욱겨 ㅋㅋ 무슨 어플…인거???
@HyungJun87 kekekeke ah TT Funny keke What is this…app???

2011-07-23 @ 9:01 AM
Good Morning.

[Notice] Relocation of Korean Management Office (S-Plus)

Source: Jjunaway (
Trans: ONLY JUN (
Repost with full credits

Hello, this is the administrator of Jjunaway.
This is a notice regarding the re-location of Kim Hyung Jun’s mangement agency office, S-Plus

In Korean:
서울시 마포구 도화동 559번지 마포트라팰리스 B동3110호

In English:
B-3110Mapo Trapalace, 559Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

When there are events or concerts organised by our company, there will be a box provided for you to deposit your letters and gifts at the venue.
Otherwise, if you are not a member of the Japanese fanclub, you can also send your items to the above mailing address in Korea.

Thank you.

[News] Working Hard to Exercise, Most Satisifed with Shoulders, Only Pick Girlfriend who is Loyal

Source: Sing Tao Daily
English Translation: ONLY JUN (
Repost with full credits

[News] Working Hard to Exercise, Most Satisifed with Shoulders, Only Pick Girlfriend who is Loyal

Korean Group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun previously came to Hong Kong as a solo artiste to hold his Fan Meeting. Upon arrival, he had already received interviews, and expressed honestly that although there is pressure going solo, but he is gradually getting used to it. He also revealed that he usually loves working out, in order to keep his body fit. He also mentioned that for his ideal girl, she has to be filial and obedient, “most importantly she should not cheat!”

Kim Hyung Jun came individually to Hong Kong to promote, nearly half a hundred fans came to welcome him, he expressed that he was nervous before coming to Hong Kong, “because I’m the only one coming, so have to consider many things, for instance, what should I prepare, and what can I do for my fans”. When asked about changing from 5 to 1, and if he worries that there will be fewer support from fans, he stated that he is “not worried, of course there will be fewer fans, but I’ll work harder in the future, in order to do better, in order to win the support of fans.”

Kim Hyung Jun came to Hong Kong with the album (My Girl), when asked about his ideal (My Girl), he expressed that firstly he wants his partner to be filial and obedient, it would even be better if she is more gentle and quiet and feminine, “and most importantly does not cheat!” He wishes that his girlfriend would be loyal and only love him. As for culinary skills, he has no special requests, and does not mind eating out, but if you ask him to cook instead, he said “I also very much want to cook, but don’t know how”. Kim Hyung Jun also revealed that songs in album (My Girl) actually follows a storyline. He meant that some parts of the lyrics actually came from his own experience, while others are from his own imagination.

He was initially not used to developing himself as a solo aritste, but has gradually gotten used to it. He expressed that there is pressure, but he equally likes working in a group as well as being a solo singer. He, whom has already established himself as a MC and DJ, hopes that he could also go into acting, and wishes to act in roles that have personalities different from his real self, and he would not limit himself! “As long as it is in line with the story, I will try everything out!” He also wishes to work together with different directors and actors. Additionally, he also mentioned that he would also like to try filming drama in other countries, and Hong Kong seems like a good idea too.

Not Afraid of Having Photos Taken by Paparazzi

Kim Hyung Jun who has visited Hong Kong several times, did not specially request the company to have some free time to play, and instead only wanted to go to the hotel pool to swim, even if it is raining. When asked whether he is afraid of having his photos taken by Paparazzi when he is in his swim wear, he confidently answered “No! Because I’m confident of my own body, I exercise regularly in order to keep my body fit.” He also pointed out that he is most confident of his own shoulders, and even jokingly said, “I’ll show them to you next time.”

He, who will be releasing yet another album, revealed that he might come back to Hong Kong to promote this new album, and would also like to take the opportunity to visit Macau which is just nearby. “I wish to try Bungee Jumping, I have always wanted to try it, but would also think about how precious life is, so have yet to try. But regardless of whether it is Macau or New Zealand, I believe they are all safe, so hopefully there will be a chance.”

[Fanpics] Hyung Jun at Incheon Airport back from Taiwan 110725

[Eng Trans] Hyung Jun’s interview with PIA

Earlier, posted a rough translation, this is the translation by yuhki07@ Twitter

Original article:
Credit by

Kim HyungJun
We can know that he has confidence though he smiles like the boy. He sees straight ahead, and goes forward.

Kim HyungJun who releases Japanese original single 1st ‘Nemurenai yoru Long Night-’ on Wednesday, July 27, and holds Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya tour in August. I asked him who has grown from “Youngest child of SS501 Kim HyungJun” to “Solo artist Kim HyungJun”

-You released the 1st solo album “My Girl” in March in Korea and April in Japan . Is there a difference in the group activity and the solo?

I thought when I stood on a stage for the first time alone. “Ah became a solo singer”

-The phenomenon that become the fan of SS501 in a recent K-POP boom. Cause seeing your solo activity.

Really? It is great! I have belief that the fan increase if I act rightly. There must be persons who understand if I have sincerity and work hard.

-You released “My Girl”, then you also done the 1st solo tour in Japan. How did you think the reaction of audience on the stage?

Yea! Everyone exciting!! (laughter) I was glad to hear the fan increased after the tour. ”yokattane” (in Japanese)

-Please teach remaining in memories in the tour.

There was little time to go to play. But I was satisfied because I was able to do a good show. I said the one selfishness, and I went to eat “TEBASAKI” of Nagoya. I like it very much… (laughter)

-You lived in Japan as member of SS501. Where do you want to go again?

u…n… oh! I want to go to Odaiba. Odaiba was seen well from our lodgings that we lived in Japan. Because it was near the Rainbow Bridge. I didn’t go for a while, so I want to go after a long time.

-You will release the 1st single “眠れない夜-Long Night-” in July, and you are scheduling the Tokyo,Osaka and Nagoya tour again. How will you show us this time?

The show that it runs crazy! I will do the show that this hot summer will be memories in your life. It is not only once. So that you may think “I want to see again.” I will also work as hard as breaking of the body!

-The last, please teach the target in the future as the solo artist.

The targets are the admission of my ability and the admission of my music. And I want to appeal for my brightness and a positive point. I wish you feel it when I sing~Not in a hurry, I want to act longly, and I want to challenge acting. I want to put out the great result at the Oricon chart. And I want to do a big concert at the end of the year though it might be difficult this year…huum. There are a lot of things I want to do!! I work hard little by little to the fulfilled of my dream. Please expect the release of “眠れない夜-Long Night-’ on July 27!

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