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Hyung Jun on Mnet Wide E News / K-Holic 110829



[Fancams] Kim Hyung Jun Summer Festival in Japan

Oh~ Many thanks to Prettyboy for bringing us fancams from Japan as many of us can’t be there to show our support~~ Oh 2 english dance tracks! Good!!! 🙂

credit: PRETTYBOY (

CafeIn OST (Very good! his voice is superb!~~ bring back memories for those who watched CafeIn)

Because of U + DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (English dance tracks)

Indecisive (Hurray for Love OST)

I am

Hyung Jun’s tweet on 110828

Is the permed hair craze back again? hehehe~~ And Jjun took over JUNUSofficial’s Iphone and started taking selca? Hehe cos his Iphone with that (blue/green-white casing is lying on the table)

HyungJun87 HyungJunKim
김형준 섬머 페스티벌 7회의 대장정이 끝났습니다. 너무나 고생하셨고 이제부터 시작입니다. 감사드리고 앞으로 더 열심히 하겠습니다. ^_^
Trans: Kim Hyung Jun Summer Festival Part7′s Long March has ended. Really suffered/put in lots of effort but this is only the start. Thankful and will work even harder in the future ^_^

JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
동경, 오사카, 나고야에 이르기까지.. 제게 힘이 되어준 팬 여러분들.. 그리고 여러분 만큼 사랑하는 우리 식구들.. 너무 고생하셨습니다^^ 당신들이 정말 최고예요!! Adieu Summer Festival in JAPAN!!
東京、大阪、名古屋まで来ていただきまして誠にありがとうございます!そして、スタッフのみなさん本当にお疲れ様でした^^皆さんのおかげでとても楽しかったです^^さようならSummer Festival!!!

Trans: From Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya until now…Dear Jun’s fans everyone…and our dearest family members…you have suffered / put in so much^^ All of you are really the best!! Aideu Summer Festival in Japan!!

JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
Kim Hyung Jun’s Summer Festival in JAPAN.. 그 마지막 무대가 지금부터 시작됩니다. 모든 힘을 쏟아서 놀아봅시다! 자 같이 화이팅 한번 할까요? 하나, 둘, 셋!!!
Kim Hyung Jun’s Summer Festival in JAPANの最後の公演が今から始まります!みなさん、盛り上がりましょうか?1、2、3!!

Trans: Kim Hyung Jun’s Summer Festival in JAPAN.. The last stage is about to start now. Let’s put in all our strength to play! Shall we do a Fighting together once? One Two Three!!!


2011-08-28 @ 1:40 PM
控え室で自分撮り!メイク中のヒョンジュン^^スッピンも素晴らしい!!今日、名古屋の2回公演を最後にSummer Festivalの幕が降ります!皆さん、楽しみましょう^^

2011-08-28 @ 1:39 PM
대기실 셀카!!! 메이크업 중인 형준이^^ 생얼도 어쩜이리 빛이 나는지!! 오늘 나고야 2회 공연을 마지막으로 섬머페스티벌 막을 내립니다. 다들 뛰어 놀 준비 되셨나요?!! 조금 있다가 만나요!!
Sel-ca in waiting room!!! HyungJun in midst of putting make-up^^ How can his bare face be still bright!! Today’s 2nd performance in Nagoya marks the last of Summer Festival. Is everyone prepared to jump?!! See you in awhile!!

2011-08-28 @ 10:59 AM
김형준 섬머 페스티벌. 나고야는 여기서!
Kim HyungJun Summer Festival. Here is Nagoya!

110824 K-Pop! Now Yokohama

credit: tkiss501 + HyungJun_news @ Twitter

110824 FM YOKOHAMA K-POP! NOW – Hyung Jun Special DJ from Hyungjun_news on Vimeo.

[Fancam+Fanpics Kim Hyung Jun’s Summer Tour in Tokyo


galery fhotos Hyung jun perfrom in tokyo 🙂

[Fanpics] Hyung Jun at Incheon Airport to Nagoya

credit: PRETTYBOY (

Hyung Jun’s tweets on 110827

HyungJun87 HyungJunKim
나고야에서 나는 눈에 하트가 생겼다! 뿅
At Nagoya, I have formed hearts in my eyes! Bbyong!

110826 (Mnet Wide filming on 110822)

UNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
나고야에 도착했습니다. 잠시 후 시작되는 팬 간담회와 나고야에서일어날 일들 모두 무지 기대되네요^^ 조금 있다가 봐요~!!!
Arrived in Nagoya. Very much anticipating the fan welcome event which will start a moment later and all things that will happen in Nagoya^^ See you a while later~!!!

JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
PRESS – [서울신문NTN] 김형준, DSP후배들과 첫 OST음반 ‘갈팡질팡’ 공개
Trans: PRESS- [Seoul News NTN] Kim Hyung Jun, and DSP juniors First OST production “Indecisive” Released

Jjunaway new photos from Jjun

These 2 photos came from the section “From Jjun”

110827 (At Incheon Airport going Nagoya)

110826 (Mnet Wide filming on 110822)

[News Trans] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Hurray For Love OST “Indecisive” Music Released

prefer Hyung Jun’s version of Indecisive than Kara-Rainbow’s version~ hehehe

News: TV Daily
English Translation: ONLY JUN
Repost with credits please.

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Hurray For Love OST “Indecisive” Music Released

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun have joined in the Part 3 OST album production for MBC Weekend Drama “Hurray for Love” starring Lee Bo Young, Lee Tae Seong.

Before it was released on the 26th as Part 3, Kim Hyung Jun’s “Indecisive” song was already long anticipated by fans with overwhelming interest. After the release of his first solo album in March, not in Korea, but in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, he is much more active compared to other singers.

This OST announcement is a good piece of news for fans who have been waiting for Kim Hyung Jun who has lesser domestic activities lately.

Part 3 is the male version of Part 1 “Indecisive” sung by Kara and Rainbow (Park Gyuri, So Hyun Young) with a lively and pleasant atmosphere. The soft smooth and charming voice of Kim Hyung Jun brings about a new and refreshing feel.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun who achieved success with his solo album in March, carried out his promotional activities alone in Singapore, Hong Kong and other various countries in South-east Asia, and also had just released his first Japanese single “Long Night” in Japan in last July, and thereby enjoying much popularity.

Hyung Jun’s tweets on 110827

thanks for Only jun for shereing


JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
song by HyungJun – MBC Drama ‘애정만만세’OST “갈팡질팡”MV via @youtube
JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
Melon Music Link “김형준”의 “애정만만세 OST Part.3″ 좋아합니다! #MelOn
JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
Mnet Music Link “[김형준] 애정만만세 OST 갈팡질팡”
JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
Bugs Music Link 애정만만세 Part.3 – O.S.T #벅스
JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
Olleh Music Link [ 김형준 : 애정만만세 OST Part.3 (MBC 주말드라마) : ] #ollehmusic
JUNUSofficial JUNUSofficial
애정만만세 OST “갈팡질팡”이 공개된거 아시죠..? 들을수록 기분이 좋아집니다!! 갈팡질팡 많이 사랑해주시고 애정만만세도 많은 시청 부탁드려요!!!! Have a nice weekend~~
ドラマ “愛情万々歳”OST “ガルパンジルパン”が公開されたのご存知ですよね? 聞けば聞くほど、気分が良くなります! ガルパンジルパンを、たくさん愛し、愛情万歳もたくさん視聴して下さい~

Trans:Know that Hurray for Love OST “Indecisive” has been released…? Listening to it will make the mood good!! Please give Indecisive lots of love and hope you also watch Hurray for love!!!! Have a nice weekend~~
HyungJun87 HyungJunKim
제가부른 애정만만세 ost. 갈팡질팡 많이 사랑해주세요! ^*
Trans: Please give lots of love to Indecisive which I sang for Hurray for love! ^*

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