[Trans] Hyung Jun’s Diary Message 120217

Source: JUNUS (hyungjun.co.kr)
Trans: ONLY JUN (kimhyungjun.net)

Title: Adieu! Macau! (K-MUSIC Youth’s Ambition Concert In Macau Behind The Story)

Hello this is Kim Hyung Jun~
Through K-Music Youth’s Ambition Concert
Held in Macau
Because I received so much love from everyone who came,
Felt so happy
I am also very grateful
For many people’s gazes on the street

After the first day’s short Macau city tour..
In order to show everyone my best look without fail..
Practice! And practice!

Running on the first stage at Macau
Although nervous, but thanks to everyone’s great response and support
I accomplished the mission without hiccup!!

Was good that I was able to converse with everyone
In that short period of time available
I also introduced my drama…Hope in Macau
Topstar Kang Min will also cause a hot craze

Because it is a performance done together with other fellow singers
I put in even more effort.
Although it is a short performance, but because it is a performance that I ran and played
with everyone, my mood was very good!
Although the short 3D2N schedule
is a pity, but I look forward to seeing (everyone) again in Macau!!
Adieu Macau!!


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