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Kim HyungJun, 1 Photo of Meal Rampage..’Think I gained 10kg’

News: OSEN
Translation: xiaochu @

04/19 [news] Kim HyungJun, 1 Photo of Meal Rampage..’Think I gained 10kg’

Kim HyungJun, member of group SS501, released a photo of firing a meal rampage.

Kim HyungJun uploaded two photos with a message ‘ah full. I think I gained 10kg’ through his own twitter on 19th April morning.

In the photo shows Kim HyungJun eating deliciously the food that was placed in front of him. In the next photo shows the plates which were filled with food were wiped clean, provoking a laugh.

Netizens who saw the photo commented “Really ate them deliciously”, “It’s okay to gain a little weight”, “Are you trying to gain weight?”

Meanwhile, Kim HyungJun is currently acting as Jung MinChae in cable channel SBS Plus Monday-Tuesday drama ‘I Love You’.


Japan Hanyru Magazine March 2012


Music High Pic Update 120321

credit: Music High Gallery

Hyung Jun recording at Evermore Music Studio


Photo of Hyung Jun from All-About-K-Culture (Japan)


Hyung Jun March 2012 Calendar. :)

score: (JJUN AWAY)

[Trans] Hyung Jun’s Diary Message 120217

Source: JUNUS (
Trans: ONLY JUN (

Title: Adieu! Macau! (K-MUSIC Youth’s Ambition Concert In Macau Behind The Story)

Hello this is Kim Hyung Jun~
Through K-Music Youth’s Ambition Concert
Held in Macau
Because I received so much love from everyone who came,
Felt so happy
I am also very grateful
For many people’s gazes on the street

After the first day’s short Macau city tour..
In order to show everyone my best look without fail..
Practice! And practice!

Running on the first stage at Macau
Although nervous, but thanks to everyone’s great response and support
I accomplished the mission without hiccup!!

Was good that I was able to converse with everyone
In that short period of time available
I also introduced my drama…Hope in Macau
Topstar Kang Min will also cause a hot craze

Because it is a performance done together with other fellow singers
I put in even more effort.
Although it is a short performance, but because it is a performance that I ran and played
with everyone, my mood was very good!
Although the short 3D2N schedule
is a pity, but I look forward to seeing (everyone) again in Macau!!
Adieu Macau!!

Latest Music High New Photo 120212

Funny expression. Haha

credit: Music High Gallery

Sunshine Girl Official BTS Photo Ep4

Source: KBSN board

Hyung Jun’s TVN Chinese Video

’m not sure when was this broadcasted but it was only uploaded on 18 Jan 2012 onto youtube. It seems old since it is still “introducing” his “new album” which is already almost a year ago.

But anyhow, since there’s a short interview part, I think it’s still worth watching.

credit: sharonghuang83@YT
Only Jun

Don’t think I’ll english sub it, but I’ll provide a short translation.

I’ll skip the introduction on his new album etc.

Host said that he also sings Oh Ah and Girl in Japanese. He said yes but he songs like a foreigner singing in that language because he thinks pronouciation is difficult

Host asked him if he sings while showering . He replies yes, he often does that. He sings his own songs in the shower. But sometimes would also sing other pop songs.

Host asked if he is not an artiste today, what would he be doing? He replied saying he would be a scientist. He thinks astronomy is interesting and he really likes it. He also wishes to be a student.

Host asked the place in the world that he likes best. He said he likes the place in front of his house. Because his house is near Han River and he likes the view there. So he often hangs out there.

Host asked him to imagine if he were to possess a special power, what would it be? He replied saying he would like to become invisible.
Host asked what’s the reason? He said he wishes to do things that others cannot see him doing.
Host asked what sort of things? He gets a little shy and replied saying how can he tell her what kind of things he want to do? (Haha)
Host asked him to just name her one example of the things he wants to do if he can become invisible. He replied by saying he wants to find out what the girl he is infactuated with (one-sided love) is doing.
Host commented “ahhhhhh…that’s kind of romantic”. Hyung Jun then wondered if he gave a weird answer by looking away and mumbling to himself.

-CUTE!- Hope you enjoy the clip!

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