kim hyung jun Discography


SS501 albums

Solo album : Digital single – 화성남자 금성여자 (Mars Men, Venus Women),

Solo Album Debute My Girl (March 2011)

1st japan single Long night (27 juli 20011)

Solo Song in Collection Album- Hey G

OST : 악녀일기 (Bad girls diary returns) – Lonely Girl (with Kim Kyu Jong),

Musical 카페인 (Cafe-In) – Love Is

Co-work : 아오테아로아 (Aotearoa) – (with Lee HanChul, Sweet Sorrow, Jung JiYeong)

Featuring : L.E.O. – Love Train, A’ST1 – Dynamite

Songs Composition -Hey G – H&B (Hyung Jun & Ki Bum)

Lyrics Writing- Want It, The One, I AM (U R Man album) and Obsess (Rebirth album)


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